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Castor Oil Pack for Fibroids

Use a castor oil pack two to four times a week. Basically, you would cut four layers of flannel in a shape large enough to cover your lower abdomen (from umbilicus to top of pubic hair, and over to both sides). Soak all four layers of the flannel in castor oil and apply them to the abdomen a layer at a time, one on top of the other. The flannel should be well-saturated with the castor oil, but not dripping. Wring out the excess. Cover the flannel layers with plastic (use a grocery bag or garbage bag) and tape in place, or wrap with a cloth and pin to hold the packs in place. Then cover the plastic with a heating pad which has been protected by slipping it into a plastic bag. Keep the castor oil pack quite warm for one hour, and the heating pad can be laid aside for the remainder of the night. Put on old clothing that you don’t mind getting stained if the castor oil should leak over the top. The clothing should not bind, but fit nicely against the skin, and should be warm. Wear the pack overnight, removing it in the morning. The same pack can be used up to three times, adding more oil as needed. The flannel layers can be hand-laundered and air-dried for reuse.

Another method of making a castor oil pack is as follows: a. Cut a piece of cotton flannel large enough to wrap all around the torso from just below the breasts to extend to the groin. The flannel should be wide enough to wrap all the way around the back as well. b. Cut a piece of substantial plastic such as a shower curtain large enough to extend past the flannel two inches on all sides. c. Get a long, thin towel large enough to completely cover the plastic. Lay it on the bed first, and then lay the plastic on the towel. d. Then wet the flannel well in castor oil. Spread the flannel on the top of the plastic. e. Lie down on the flannel and wrap the flannel around yourself first, then the plastic, then the towel. f. Pin it snugly in place with safety pins. g. Wear it all night (at least 8 hours) on a daily basis for 6 weeks. h. Take a two-week break and resume for six more weeks, and so on for a year.

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