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How I'm Healing My Complete ACL Tear

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Please note that this is my personal experience and is not intended for medical advice. I am simply sharing my story to help others learn how to heal a torn ACL naturally.

So, what happened??? I'm ashamed to share the story of how I tore my ACL. Let's say the choice to jump off of a tractor from the last step, which was almost three feet off the ground with my son in hand, wasn't the wisest decision. While jumping, my husband said one foot was going down while the other was slightly stuck before it got loose. So yes, I landed on one foot, followed was by a sound that sounded like someone was tearing cardboard boxes. Ouch!!!

I did not know the seriousness of the injury, but I knew something was wrong.

The following day, we met with the medical doctor. We were able to do a walk-in @ a sports and medical clinic. I got an x-ray, and the result was a hairline fracture in my left knee and a fractured ankle. He examined my knee and said that he believes I may have a torn ligament and if so, I would have to have surgery. My reply to him was, "Oh, that's not happening. He looked at me as if he saw a ghost. I left the clinic with a Knee brace: foot brace and crushes and a determination to heal naturally. A week later, I had a scheduled MRI done on both the knee and ankle, and here is a summary below.

Knee Summary:

MRI of the Left Knee demonstrates a complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament, a hairline fracture of the proximal tibia, a sprain of a ligament on the outside of your knee, a bone bruise, and a moderate amount of fluid on your left knee. These findings may result in pain, weakness, discomfort, instability, stiffness, and decreased range of left knee motion.

Ankle Summary

MRI of the Left Ankle demonstrates a fracture of the lateral malleolus, sprains of ligaments on the inside and outside of your ankle, plantar fasciitis on your heel, and a small amount of fluid in your left ankle joint. These findings may produce pain, stiffness, weakness, swelling, and decreased range of motion of your left ankle.

I am grateful to my husband, who helped me so much, especially the first week when I needed help to do everything. He took a week off to help me with hydrotherapy, make and apply the comfrey poultice, purchase the herbs and vitamins needed, and much more. During the early stages of the injury and especially the diagnosis is, I went through various emotions but never stayed down. I felt helpless, but I had hope. After he went back to work, my mom became part of the helping hand, which I am very grateful for. I can't leave out my two-year-old son, who helped in his little way by getting things for me like the gauze etc., and my church family for the cooked meals.

Since I had time on my hands, I stayed in bed and did my research because my doctor's only assignment was to rest and keep the foot elevated and stay off of it. I have to say the first and second week that work was easy to follow by the third and especially the fourth week became a more complex, more challenging task as I gained more independence. Not something to brag about, though.

What I Did in My Healing Process

So, the moment you have been waiting for, the action part. I will mention the things I purchased or had already stocked that I used during my healing process. items Purchased:

Herbal Therapy

Comfrey Leaf Herb

Alfalfa Leaf Herb

Horsetail Leaf Herb

Nettle Leaf Herb

Turmeric Joint Pills

Dr. Christopher's Bone and Tissue

Dr. Christopher's Cayenne Heat Ointment

Dr. Christopher's Comfrey Ointment

Ligaments and tendons can be slow to heal and repair because of the lack of blood flow to connective tissue elements. Strengthening and unifying the tissue can accurately heal faster than you might expect.

There are options for repairing and healing torn ligament and tendon damage, fractured bone, and joint pain and swelling. First, you want to make sure you eat a mineral. Vitamin-rich diet, adding herbs that are rich in these healing minerals, include nettle leaf (high in calcium, magnesium, and iron), alfalfa leaf, horsetail (high in silica for strengthening tissue), oat straw (high in calcium), which can all be consumed by making an infusion (ideally steeped overnight), straining, and drinking at any temperature you desire. Or, take the powdered herbs and add them to smoothies, juice, broth, or other food.

Vitamins and Supplements

Buried Treasure B Complete Vitamin

Compete Vitamin C

Magnesium and Calcium with Vitamin D3

Bromelain Capsules

Flaxseed Oil

Vitamin D3


Diet Therapy

I ate a plant-based diet, including fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, beans, and vegetables. I stay away from dairy, caffeine, sugar, fried food, processed food, and meat. Some days I ate raw for either breakfast or lunch, and I did not overeat and avoid eating late. I made sure I maintained my weight since I could not exercise. I know I was already on a vegan, gluten, and soy-free diet.

Exercise Therapy

As soon as I could make some movements in my knee and the swelling was gone, I attempted specific exercises I could tolerate. Since I did not go back to my doctor, I decided to look up doctors specializing in physical therapy and who demonstrated various activities that can be followed to strengthen the muscles and assist with stiffness online. I found two on YouTube that I enjoyed and followed their exercise recommendations which helped tremendously.

Faith and Prayer Therapy

I prayed the whole time. I prayed for God to bless me with wisdom as I did extensive research on the pros and cons of surgery and not having surgery. I researched spontaneous healing of the ligament and found articles by people who shared their testimonies on recovery. I prayed for God to bless my efforts and guide me in decision-making. The second week into my injury, I dreamt that my husband, son, and I were walking to the beach. In the dream, I asked my husband where we should set up. He pointed toward what seemed or felt like a long walk. When I awoke, I believed from that moment on that I was going to be okay and would be able to walk again. It was my confirmation that I was on the right track to healing, even if it would be a long road ahead.

Hydro Therapy

Hot and cold packs during the healing process were game-changers. We alternated between hot towels and ice packs, it was tiring, but it helped heal and swell.

Poultice Therapy

We applied comfrey poultice by using the dried herb and blending it into a powder form. After blending it, we added it to a bowl and mixed it with water or castor oil. We then made a paste that cac6e could knee and ankle. Lastly, we wrapped the knee and ankle with gauze and Glad Plastic Clear Wrap.

My Progress

I'm almost two months in from the time of my injury, and I can walk without crutches. By week four, I started walking up and down the stairs and doing squat exercises without pain. Fortunately for me, I never experienced knee buckling or giving way. I also had minor pain during most of the whole process. I occasionally experienced stiffness, but it has since decreased to non-existence. I'm not out of the woods yet, but my progress has been one I have praised God for.

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