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Hear what other women like you have to say!

Hi Mericia,


As a reminder, we connected over phone a few months back after I'd watched your YouTube video. You shared with me some valuable insights regarding your use of Chaste Tree Berries to regulate your cycles and eliminate your fibroids. 


I also have fibroids and have suffered  both infertility and  a still birth last year. I wanted to update you that after just a couple weeks of consuming the tea regularly, I conceived again! I'm now a little over 5 months and at my most recent ultrasound I found out that my fibroids also shrunk a little! (I was also doing the castor oil packs). 


This pregnancy is going totally differently than my first, because last time my fibroids has nearly doubled by my fifth month.


I just wanted to update you and thank you again for all that you're doing to support women like me. 


If there's ever anything I can do to support you and your efforts please don't hesitate to let me know.


Happy New Year!

—  Rachel

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